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PG008 driling oil

Upstream drilling waste treatment
Aqueous cleaning of oil-based drilling muds using cavitation scrubbing technology to recover base oil and treatment of process water.
Chemical dewatering of oil-based drilling muds.
Chemical and electrocoagulation treatment of drilling platform slops and hydraulic fracturing flowback water to consent discharge level.

Aqueous cleaning of drill cuttings
pg009 production Downstream production, transport, refining, storage treatment
Treatment of ballast, bilge, produced water and processed groundwater using electrocoagulation, advanced oxidation and reverse osmosis.
Tank and pipe cleaning chemicals.
  weathered oil oil recovery from sludges
Weathered crude oil removal Oil recovery from production waste
pg009 recovery Hydrocarbon recovery from production wastes
Chemicals to liquefy and dewater tank bottom sludges, lagoon contents, etc.
Cavitation scrubbing and chemicals to recover hydrocarbons from sludges stored in tanks and lagoons, major well-site, tank and pipeline losses, etc.
  sludges from old oil storage
Sludge removal from oil tanks
Technology datasheet available:
TDS801 Electrocoagulation and Advanced Oxidation
TDS805 Cavitation Scrubbing
TDS806 Cavitation Stripping of Gases and Oxygenation of Liquids
TDS812 Treatment of Flowback Water from Hydraulic Fracturing Operations
TDS824 Treatment of Produced Water
TDS825 Treatment of Seawater for Injection into Oil and Gas Wells
TDS826 Completion Brine Treatment
TDS830 Aqueous Cleaning of Drill Cuttings Produced using Oil-Based Muds-Fluids
TDS831 Remediation of Water-Based Drilling Fluids and Cuttings
Product and safety datasheets are available upon request