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PG soil decontamination Soil and industrial decontamination
Cavitation scrubbing systems and chemicals for washing and decontaminating hydrocarbon contaminated sand, soil, etc., including crude oil, heavy oils and bitumen, coal tars, etc.
Degreasing and cleaning of concrete floors and structures in steel mills, engineering plant, power stations, etc.
Soil decontamination Crude oil clean up from sandy beaches Coal tar
Decontamination of soil at oil refinery Crude oil clean-up from sandy beach Coal tar lagoon clean-up
PG soil decontamination Water, wastewater, effluent decontamination
Electrocoagulation, advanced oxidation and reverse osmosis for the treatment of municipal wastewater, industrial effluent, landfill leachate, etc.
It is a proven technology to remove most contaminants/pollutants, including suspended solids, emulsified hydrocarbons, many dissolved organic compounds, heavy metals, arsenic, phosphates, bacteria, algae, larvae, etc., from water for re-use/discharge.
OIL wastewater decontamination
Oil production platform wastewater treatment  
Technology datasheet available:
TDS801 Electrocoagulation and advanced oxidation
TDS805 Cavitation Scrubbing
TDS806 Cavitation Stripping of Gases and Oxygenation of Liquids
TDS821 Acid Mine Drainage Water Treatment
Product and safety datasheets are available upon request